issue on project image disappear

hello guys, i’m having an issue on this project image section that the images doesn’t appear, what should i do to fix it?? anyone can help me please? i’ll appreciate any help, thanks in advance.

the website link ->

Hello @iniprabu,

This is really strange since 2 of them are working while the other ones are not.
Can you please give it another try, re-save all the fields and try to replicate the 2 working widgets?

If nothing works, would it be possible to provide me temporary admin dashboard access via a private message so I can have a live investigation?


i just did re-add the widgets and the same problem come up… ok, and then how to send private message?? thanks

ok, here is the access to my website :

username : cscolorlib
password : colorlibcs999


It seems like everything is working alright, just that the server is extremely slow.
Try adding smaller pictures, please.