Issue purchasing License for Free Template

I’d like to purchase a single template for the free Colorlib Wizard 5 template found here: 30 Best Free Bootstrap Wizards & Forms 2021 - Colorlib, but it’s nowhere to be seen in the templates page.

Can anyone direct me to where I can purchase the license for this particular template, or any of the free wizard templates from the link provided?

Thank you!

Hi there

You just need to download it from the link: Screenshot by Lightshot



So I did download the template, but in order to buy the CC BY 3.0 license, I would have to find the template in another page. When I click the More Info/Download button, it takes me to this screen:

When clicking License, it takes me to the License purchasing options. The issue comes when I try buying the Single Template for $19. It forces me to select the template at 1500+ Best Website Templates 2021 - Colorlib. However, I can’t find it there.


Hi Lawrence

You may choose any template to buy, but instead of purchased template use the template you downloaded by the link above