Issue with child theme - change fonts, remove borders, remove Bootstrap

I am very grateful for this theme! Best choice for me when I was searching for some cool motive. I setuped child theme today and here are my problems.

  1. When I click Contact Form (or any other item on menu) it has background grey color which I want to remove. There only should be green writing with no background color.
  2. There’s a white frame around my header I want to remove.
  3. Font makes a difference in posts and footer compared to non child theme.
  4. Icons disappeared in posts (those by date, leave a comment and edit)
  5. Underscores are in tag cloud and post names.
  6. I also want to change FOLLOW ME, POPULAR POSTS, CATEGORIES, RECENT COMMENTS and TAGS to green color instead of grey.

I tried css coding and asking google for help but nothing helped me. Maybe I didn’t attached some required files to child folder but coding isn’t my cup of tea.

Looking forward to help from the support.
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Please disable autoptimize plugin if you want some help. It breaks fonts, it adds random border around menu, it creates unnecessary background for menu items. Maybe it is not plugin itself and something else is based on Bootstrap but this plugin eliminates any chance to help you.

Let me know once plugin is disable and will try to help you from there.

Oh, thank you very much. What a simple solution. :slight_smile:
Only thing to do is to change headings in sidebar: FOLLOW ME, POPULAR POSTS, CATEGORIES etc to green.

#secondary .widget > h3 {
color: #55a345;

This code doesn’t help.

PS. Is it also an option to adjust my top posts to the same height as sidebar? “7 Tips to Help You Avoid Diet Burnout” in Blog/health lacks some pixels

To change widget title color you can slightly simplify your code to this:

#secondary .widget h3 {
  color: #55a345;

That gap is there because you have removed archive page title but haven’t removed area around it. You can do it by simply adding this code to Appearance >> Theme OPtions >> Other >> Custom CSS.

.archive .page-header {
  margin: 0;

Let me know if there is anything else.