Issue with Contact Bank and iOS Menus

I wrote up a long post about an issue I was having, then solved the issue myself, but it’s still worth documenting. Here’s the original issue:

“I have four menu items in my main menu at (using Activello). When I click on the icon to show the menu on my iPhone (both in Safari and Dolphin browsers), the menu opens, then closes, then snaps open. This doesn’t happen on my other Activello page (, even when I temporarily add fake pages to make my main menu have four items, so it seems to be localized to”

There were several differences between the sites, and after testing each, I discovered that the Contact Bank plugin was what was breaking the menus. I’ve deactivated the plugin, and will use another contact form solution, but thought it was still worth documenting the issue.

Thanks for a great theme!

Hi @cswaltz,

Awesome great to see you got the conflicting plugin found out and thanks for sharing it in this forum.

Have a fantastic day!