Issue with section headers


Here is my website
My issue is that all the headers of each section (like Projects, COntact, Services, …) aren’t displayed.
But the issue is only on the website, not when I customize the site from my dashboard like here (we can see the headers)

Here is what I have in production (online ) :

The titles are no longer displayed, and in the source code I can’t see them (when I hit F12)

Thank you for your help


Please send me your access details to the site in a private message and I will verify your problem

Thank you for access details

please check now, project title is now appearing, regarding others, try to edit text, change it to something else, save, refresh and change your text back to the original, it should work

Ok thank you, I just did the manipulation (delete title and then put the text back) and it works ! Thanks

Nice to hear :slight_smile:

I will mark this ticket as a resolved