Issue with Social Sharing on Facebook for Travelify theme

I have noticed all my new posts have garbled descriptions (or no spaces between words) when I share with Facebook. Doesn’t matter if I use the share button or copy and paste the link. Older posts have the first few sentences of the blog post.

Here is a link to one of them: Redirecting...

Here is an older post I shared on Facebook and it picks up the first few words of the post just fine: Redirecting...

This is only happening with new posts since the last update.

Thanks in advance for all your help.


Facebook is caching links that are once shared so they don’t need to scan your website again. If you made some mistake in your post and tried (not even published) your post it is now cached. You can try to post the same URL as many times as you want but Facebook will still use cached copy.

I went ahead and cleared Facebook cache for this URL: so it shoul now display everything corrently.