Issue with the projects section

I just see an issue on my website in the project section. When I click on a project picture, I can only see the image on a black background. Before when I cliked the image of a project I could see the page which I put the URL for the project (in the URL input of a project).

I haven’t do anything for that, my page’s url haven’t changed. It seems that now it’s not the URL of the page that is used when I click the project’s image but the URL of the image… I can’t see where I could change that in the PHP code. Did you do an update for that ? It’s quite annoying that I can’t see the page anymore.

(Here is my website if you want to watch the source code :

Hey there

You can change settings for this feature from the Appearance > customize :slight_smile:


I already look in the appearance → customize, when I click the icon to modify an item of the “projects” section I can see the URL of the page in the URL input and the image in the image input is corect too. But when I click an item (image) of the “projects” section it does not redirect me on the page (page url in the url input) anymore… It just display the image a little bit bigger on the screen. Like if the ‘a href=…’ tag contains the url of the image and not the url of the page

Hi, this answer my question and resolved my issue ! Thanks

Thank you for sharing solution :slight_smile:

I will close this case now, Feel free to contact us again if you have other questions