Issues with E-Shop - Only on mobile devices

My issue is on the response navigation on mobile devices. When I open the menu I can navigate between the categories and the menu just fine. The problem arises when I click on the category to open up the drop down menu. For example… when I click on “Women’s Clothing” the drop down categories appear but then I try to collapse the drop down menu by clicking again on “Women’s Clothing” or even on another “category” the entire navigation collapses. This works correctly on a desktop view.

Also is there any way to prevent the drop down menu from closing each time there is a click? A category click is fine, but what if someone misses the anchor link… the drop down closes forcing the person to re-click the category. This could irritate visitors.

You can test it right on the DEMO.

Otherwise this is the best template on the site in my opinion. Is there a way to fix these issues? Any help would be appreciated!


I hope you are doing well today and I am sorry for the inconvenience caused here.

The demo does not have a link assigned to it so the template would function differently once there are links added to each menu option.

Best Regards,