Issues with feature image on homepage

I used a plug-in found in an older topic to make my feature image vertical. However, the first two posts on my homepage ( are
still horizontal. This would be fine, but it’s the images are cropped oddly.

Is there a way to have all vertical images or to have control of how the image of the first two posts are shown?


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IM not sure what that plugin does but can you deactivate it? let me check it without plugin
Colorlib Support Team

It’s deactivated now.

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The images with a taller aspect ratio are the ones that will get the top and bottom parts cut off in the image resize. The theme is really designed for image that have a wider aspect ratio as opposed to taller.

Ths is is the cropped one -
The featured image on the first post is okay and not cropped because of it being wider rather than taller.

If your site is going to be using taller images then you can re-adjust the image sizes the images are resized to on the theme at the following file:

activello \ functions.php line 68 - 72

After changing the sizes to something that will suit your images better than regenerate thumbnails for the image to be actually resized to those new sizes you entered. Regenerate Thumbnails – WordPress plugin |

Hope you can work it from there.