Issues with line breaks in Shapely?

There appears to be an issue within the theme with regard to line breaks in heading blocks - the appear correctly on desktop, but on mobile, the text appears all on one line.

I have been discussing this with Wordpress support who have told me that for some reason Shapely does not appear to support the use of “< br >“ within a Heading Block when editing it in HTML mode (the same thing also occurs when adding the text on two separate lines within a paragraph block). This appears to be a Shapely issue as line breaks are acknowledged on the mobile view in different themes.

Is this a known issue and if so is there going to be a fix for this?

Many thanks!

Hey there

Let’s see, let me see the page and content with the
tag and I will check it

Hello! I have recreated the issue on - if you take a look at the heading text towards the top of the page “22-24 November 2019”, ‘Slow Down Retreat’ is appearing on desktop on the next line as intended but on mobile is running straight on in the same line.