Issues with Pinbin theme on mobile

Hi Aigars,
Good day to you. Love your great theme.
But I have an issue when I view it on my mobile,
all the posts/pictures overlap each other and only show picture without the content/article.

How can I fix this, great if you can assist on this.

thanks in advance.

We recently had discussion about that. It is du to some modification in code. I am not sure what modifications but it does work by default. The best option is to start over with clean theme installation because it could be caused by many factors.
Additionally you can try disabling plugins just to make sure if they are not causing posts to overlap.

Like I said, this is due to some custom code you have applied to this theme so I can’t give you a clear answer. If you manage to find what causes it I would be grateful if you could share more info with me.

Hi Aigars,

Thank you for the reply.
I already installed a fresh theme and disable all the plugins + Clear browsing data on my mobile.

I am using an Android phone with chrome browser the images will still overlap.

Hope you can give some advice.

Thank you.


Below link is the screenshot for my website.
Start fresh without any plugin

What happens if you browse around few posts on website and then come back to front page by clicking on logo?

I have noticed similar issues before on mobile with very slow connection. The thing was that all scripts included in the theme weren’t loaded completely so it didn’t work like it should.

Thanks for your prompt reply,
when I enter the domain to access via URL bar it will overlap,
if I click the logo to access the home it back to normal,
I notice that when I rotate and refresh/via URL bar it also view just fine.

Somehow the script is prevented from loading properly. I will investigate this but I can’t promise you a quick fix for this since it occurs only in some cases.
It might be hard to catch the “right” moment.

Btw, does the same thing happens when you load on your mobile?

Unfortunately it does –

Thank you for reporting this. Will see what I can do about it.

Hi again. Problem solved, just needed to change functions.js with this:

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
 var post_area = $(‘#post-area’);
  // options…
 isAnimated: true,
 animationOptions: {
  duration: 400,
  easing: ‘linear’,
  queue: false