Issues with Shapely

I posted this support issue 7 days ago and have had no response.
This is seriously impacting my launching of my website. PLEASE RESPOND.

I have a few issues with Shapely posts:

  1. When I post my first post to the blog page – there is no comment area at the end of the post. If I click on the blog title then a new page opens with the comment area at the end – please explain.

  2. When I add a second post the first post is pushed down (as normal) but the column width for the first post halves.

  3. Could you please explain when I click on a blog post title a new page opens – where is this page located?

  4. In the first 4 lines of my post the text is indented – this is not the case in the text in the editor – text is properly aligned.

  5. There is an area called “related articles” at the end of a blog post – there does not seem to be any way to add content or remove it.

Quick response appreciated as I have spent days on issues within Shapely.