Issues with the thumbnail in the blog section

I am trying to set up the blog section and I am facing an issue with the featured image… it gets cropped even though I do not want… why is that and how can I fix this?
I would like to see the entire feature image even in the thumbnail used in the blog section of the frontpage.
Is that possible?

You could check yourself at the following link;

username: ColorlibSupport
password: Welcome_Support$1

attached some screenshots which may clarify

Hi there,
Thanks for reaching out.
Relating to your query here, please install this plugin (Regenerate Thumbnails – WordPress plugin | and regenerate your images.

I hope this helps.
Best Regards,

Hello Support,
I tried that but in the news section of the frontpage I still see the thumbnail badly cropped and the plug in did not seem to make any difference…
what could it be the reason and you reckon it can be resolved?

Hello Umberto

Please check again, it was configuration of the jeptack , however problem is not fully fixed because our theme also uses image resize function for image resize and im afraid this cannot be disabled :frowning:

Ouch… What do you suggest? I need to find a way to get better thumbnails
Please help

Hi there

At this moment i can’t suggest anything becue this will require customization :frowning: I’ve submitted a ticket for our developers to make this function optional but i can’t say when exactly this will be implemented,

mmmh I see and many thanks for submitting the improvement ticket.
however in the test you made your pic was framing correctly… what did you do to make it happen?
If I could do that too I would a temporary workaround…

Thanks and regards


“what did you do to make it happen?” - basically, nothing, i just used a regular image without jetpack plugin activated because its also plays some role in image rendering function, you can disable image related settings in a jetpack as well

so you think this will ever get fixed/improved?
for us is a tremendous obstacle as images of flyers are not rendered in a decent way and we will have many of those…

Hello Umberto

I’ve already reported this question to our theme, unfortunately i don’t know when or how this will be implemented :