Jackson - missing file

Hello, I just downloaded the Jackson template but It makes an error with the missing file.
I checked the folder that was downloaded but it doesn’t contain the file.
the error message was

C:-–\jackson\jackson\fonts\flaticon\font\flaticon.css:undefined:undefined: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘C:-–\jackson\fonts\flaticon\font\flaticon.css’

Hi there

Sorry about that, do you have any affected style on the front?
Probably file declaration needs to be removed and it’s not about the file, we also have same issue on our demo:
but it works,

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Thank you for the reply.
It works for me as well after declaring some of the files that are not contained. However, I have affected the style on the front with some functions. For example, icons are disappeared and the Home section is not showing anything. Also, the navigation bar on the side doesn’t work as well.

I declared

Thank you

Hi there

May I see it? please provide URL and reference to the affected sections


I tried on my live website, not a local host and it works without any problem.
Sorry for wasting your time.

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Ah, good to know, and there is nothing to apologize :slight_smile: