Japanese Languages .PO & .MO File

Hello, nice to meet you. I called the heySister721.

This time, we have let me use WordPress theme You agree creating “Sparkling”. Thank you very much.

For the moment, there also had better use in the Japanese even on using on our side we’ve created a “language file of Japanese”.


Since translation of using Google Translate, it does not mean that native Japanese.
As I Nari in easy to understand, it is somewhat changed the interpretation.

Such as “Theme Option” and “Save Option” button of management screen, there is also a place where you are not able to successfully localized, but I’m going to have edited as easy to uniformly understand better of Japan.

Improved There are a lot of things I would like you to, but because they let me use for free and I thought that it can not be a luxury.

While prayer in the future of your active position, it will be considered as greetings.

Thank you for your contribution!

Unfortunately, link you have proved is broken. Could you please send me translation files to email address support[at]divilab.com and we can continue discussion there.

Thank you!

I have added your translation on the upcoming theme version and it will be available for everyone in the next few days.

Thank you for helping to make this theme even better!

Let me know if you would like to see some website or profile to be featured on our contributor page: Our Contributors and Theme Translators - Colorlib

Thank you!