Javascript Error when I use google map


I love Shapely theme!

I have a problem using WP Google Map plugin.
How can I fix it?
It says Javascript

I made a contact page to embed but I really want to include in a front page.
If this can be done on the front page with full page width, it would be amazing!

Please help.

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

Google Maps requires the use of a Google Maps API key to display a map on your site as per this article:

To create a Google Maps API key, please follow this documentation: Creating a Google Maps API Key | WP Google Maps

Your API key can be generated in the Google Developers Console here:

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Thank you so much for your help!

I realized that I didn’t enabled some APIs…
But when I enabled extra apis it all worked great!

I have one more question.
Can you please let me know how do I add google map on the front page?

Thank you again!

Hello there,

I hope you are doing well today.

You would have to add the map as a widget via Appearance >Widgets.

Here is a link to the widget plugin for Google Maps:

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Thank you so much!
I ended up adding the short code to the template theme and it worked beautifully!