Jetpack settings not saving, "save & publish" not showing up

dear colorlib people,

i’m trying to setup shapely on this particular server:

problems are multiple, but the main are: 1) jetpack settings not saving, 2) customize “save & publish” button not showing up (which means i can’t customize and save nothing). note that, if i deactivate the companion plugin, everything comes back to normal - except for the theme, hehe :frowning:

because i’m in a hurry, i’ve setup the same site on a different server, and it’s working completely fine:

but it needs to be placed on server.

i thought it could be port block, but it’s not. i’ve contacted the host support detailing the problem (also because i found a different topic here, with the same problem, which ended up with the conclusion that it was a ‘host problem’ and they did solved it, afterall):, and they answered the following:

“This seems to be a plugin or theme related problem. You may need to check this with the theme or plugin support regarding this issue. They may know what needs to be done in order to resolve this issue. If the theme/plugin support recommends any changes needs to be done at the server end, please feel free to let us know. We can check and let you know if it can be done”.

(i wouldn’t say it is a plugin/theme related problem, since everything it’s working fine on a different host, but anyway)

sorry for the long message and thanks for the truly wonderful theme you granted us!


First make sure all the theme and the companion plugins are up-to-date.

It seems like the PHP version is different in both server, can you check it is at least 5.4+, if it is PHP 7 then it is good to go. If not, please ask the hosting to update the PHP version.

If that is not helping, then check the error logs of what cause the issue. It will show what cause the Fatal error.

If nothing works, pass us the WP and FTP login details, in a private reply, we’re happy to check for you!

Let us know,