Jetpack Sidebar Image vertically stretched in Explorer 8


My website is looking fab in Chrome and Firefox. However, in Explorer (I have Explorer 8) my image in the sidebar utilizing Jetpack Image is vertically stretched. I didn’t have this problem with my last theme. Do you know if there is any code I can add to fix this issue? Please advise and thanks. My website is


FYI, I checked a later version of Explorer and the sidebar image looks normal. So, it seems the problem is only in Explorer 8. If anyone has a remedy for this, please advise. Thanks!

Microsoft discontinued support for IE8 more than 4 years ago and that’s why we no longer support it either.

I no longer have any device on which I could test compatibility with IE8.

User base who still sticks with this browser is almost non-existent. For example 0.61% of colorlib visitors are still using IE8 and most of theme are spam bots or users trying to test our themes that really doesn’t count.

Sorry for inconvenience.

No problem, it’s good know that hardly anyone uses E8 anymore. I don’t have it either on my personal computer but we still have it at work and I happened to view my page and see the stretched image. Thank you again for your timely response! :slight_smile: