Jumbotron frontage and section hastag

I am new to wordpress and thanks for answering my question.

  1. I tried to set up the Jumbotron frontpage, but I find the production site is different from my preview site as attached

  2. I have configured the menu for one-page scrolling, the menu looks well by directing to #hashtag, but how can I add the respective hashtag to different section.

this is a private message

here’s my site for easier checking

I can solve the section hashtag issue by using the default tag name, such as #about, what if I want to change this name? can I?

Jumbotron issue fixed.

One more problem, I find the transition of the one-page scroll is a little bit strange on my site, what happened


To change the section hashtag, anchor names you would need to do the modifications on the core files inside the folder sections.

As for the transition, it is indeed quite strange, it seems to have a bounce effect instead of liniar.

Have you done any modifications to the core files?

Do you recall installing any plugin that might cause this behaviour?
Maybe you can disable the plugins one by one and see if this is related to any of them.