Jumbotron full Mobile size / Align of my about us widget / Link my projects /

Hi there!
I’m amussed with this theme but I’m having troubles with different topics:
My website is hyproworld.com.co

  1. When I use an iPhone for looking my website the full image is not fitting the hole size, I want to seem the same version on dektop. Also on the future I’m going to upload a video for my frontpage so i don’t want any problem with that
  2. I’m only using 2 of the 3 widgets on the about us section, how do I align them to the center of the page? Otherwise, on the mobile section isn’t appearing the background image i’m using
  3. On the project section, i’m using it for linking the logo and webpages of the places my product is going to be, but this widget isn’t functioning, it’s just showing the image bigger
  4. How do I put a button on the testimonials section for a new blog page?

Thank you a lot!

  1. Another question, how do I link an instagram and website page on the team section?


  1. Jumpotron images are background image, it is always good to use not a picture with people, because when resize it won’t resize correctly according to the viewport, it either crops or shown one size, so use a static image as background and it will work even after the resize.

  2. Please add this Custom CSS in Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS,

#illdy_skill-10 {
    margin-left: 16.66666667%;
  1. If the lightbox option is enabled in Customizing ▸ Front Page Sections -> Projects Section and it will open the image in the lightbox mode only, if you’re adding links to the URL section, then turn this option off, and it will move to the links instead open the image in lightbox.

  2. I didn’t understand the question, can you explain a little bit more?

  3. There is no instagram at the moment, if you didn’t want any one of the 4 social link, I can suggest you to convert that to the instagram icon, give me the non-used icon name, I will provide the styles.

Let us know,


Thanks a lot!

  1. The first image i’m concerned because in less of a month i’m going to change it to a promotional video, but this video is about people doing excersice, so i don’t know if the mobile version is going to fit my video. There are some recommended sizes, compresion o specifications on that?
  2. The custom css function correctly, i just wanted to know if I can resize the font of my jumbotron page, i think is really big
  3. It function well! Thanks
  4. The question I had about the buttons was if I could add buttons that link to some blog pages that I’m going to do, I want that appear on my front page on the about, team and testimonial sections
  5. On the team section I’m going only to use facebook and instagram pages, so what if i put all the instagram links on the linked in section so you can help me with the style, or what suggestion do you make me?
  6. The background image im using in the about section isn’t showing on the mobile version, there is any code for that?

Thanks for all your support, i’m really new at this

(On the attached images I describe you the buttons that i’m talking)

I attached the files that were not sent on the last post

I was wanting to know if there an special code for resizing the font of my principal menu and the Jumbotron
My idea of front page is this one im going to attach on this post

Thanks for all your support

Hello here

@nxpalacios - im here in your ticket and don’t know how to start, I’m confused by the amount of the questions, yes, we are support guys but it is very complicated to handle such amount of questions in one ticket, it mess, even for you, it will be a big headache to track all answers an all questions and on follow up questions. Yes, you can ask as many questions as you wish but split them into 2 or 3 tickets, by doing this your questions will be resolved faster and much more efficiently.
at this moment you can leave here only 2-3 questions and rest of them can be posted in new ticket
I hope you understand us :slight_smile: