Jumbotron Issue


I just downloaded your beautiful theme Illdy, but I don’t understand how I manage the Jumbotron-function?
I don’t seem to have the same drop-down menu as you have?

  1. I changed my Static Page to “Homepage”
  2. Under Appearance > Customizing > Front Page Sections > Jumbotron Section = this menu is not the same as yours, please se attache file

Also, I didn’t get your attached images to this theme when I downloaded. I would like to know their different sizes.


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Your menus are controlled in Appearance > Menus from the WordPress dashboard. Go there in order to create your dropdown menus.

See here for more information on menus: WordPress Menu User Guide « WordPress Codex

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Hello again Support, and thanks!

Maybe, I explain poorly - I don’t have a problem with the menus.
My issue here is with the Jumbotron Section. As you can see on attached image the choices for this Hero Image that you call Jumbotron IS NOT EVEN AVAILABLE to me,

so I cannot

change the Jumbotron Image

this window simply doesn’t look the same as in your demo!
I attach a PDF, where i show the differencies on my site and on your demo

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Thanks for further explaining. I believe that’s because the demo shown is of an older version. Changing the Jumbotron image can be done by going to Appearance > Customize > Front Page Sections > Jumbotron Section > Second button URL.

Right below that setting there are two tabs; Color and Background. Click on Background and you should see the Jumbotron background image. You will be able to change it from there.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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