Jumbotron Not Displaying on Mobile

Hello, I made some updates to my site and the subpages look fine on mobile but the home page is not displaying correctly. The biggest issue is the Jumobotron section (testimonials, about, and services not displaying correctly either but less noticeable).

It’s displaying the old hero image, even though I checked the CSS and that shows the new image (secret-chicago-gradient-3). I’ve tried deactivating all of my plugins (they are currently all off) and had no luck. I’m not sure what else to do. I have a bit of press directing visitors to my site this week and I’m at my wits end trying to get mobile looking right. I’d greatly appreciate any advice.
Website: https://www.secretchicagobook.com

Many thanks!

I figured something out but didn’t know how to delete this post. Thank you!

Good morning

This is what I see at this moment, I cant see old BG image, Screenshot by Lightshot
gradient image is visible for desktop and for any other devices