Jumbotron Size, content width in forums and custom font size/colours

First off would like to say the Illdy theme is wonderful and it’s been a pleasure setting up our website using it. As I am fairly new to website administration I would like to ask if you can assist with providing a few key CSS code lines to fix some small issues. I have spent a few hours going through your forums but havent been able to find solutions that work.

1). Jumbotron video: (Love the use of a video here btw!) I noticed that as you enlarge your browser the video continues to grow to fit the left/right borders but it also stretches vertically so it eventually covers the section below it (in our case it’s the event section). Is there a way to limjit its size so it will never overlap if you happen to have your browser full screen? Not a huge issue, but as more and more high def screens are being used it may become a bigger issue. I presume if you limit the vertical size we can have a background colour pad the left/right margins as it exceeds the limit.
2) In our forum page(s) there are two style issues that I need to adjust. The first is the large title header (I believe it’s called ‘bottom-header blog’). it would be nice if we could have that about 50% smaller vertically to allow for more content to be seen below.
3) The second and most important issue for our Forum posts is that they have far too large a left and right margin (about 50% of the screen width) and the font size is too small. Is there a CSS line that will reduce the left and right “fill” margins so the forums will take up about 90% of the total width? and are there CSS codes to adjust both the size and colours of the fonts within the forums? we are using a bbpress forum plugin for wordpress for this. I am hoping any codes we add will only adjust these separate pages and not impact the illdy theme page.
If you can’t see any CSS that would help in these situations, could you suggest any other remedies? i.e. would a child theme be the answer?

Our webpage is scubasauga.ca. and I already have added a few lines of Additional CSS to deal with font colours in other area and to reduce the bottom margin of the contact-us area and they seem to work great.
Looking forward to your response.


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  1. Sorry but this is not possible, this is how responsive website works and its part of the global style :slight_smile:
  2. can help you here but i need screenshot with indicated changes and direct ul to the page
  3. just like above, screenshot and direct link to the page
    Steve doesn’t take it private but keep descriptions as small as possible, :slight_smile: it’s easier and faster for both of us

Colorlib Support Team

Thank you for responding so quickly :slight_smile: further information is provided below:
I have attached a screenshot of the Forum page. access is at scubasauga.ca/forums
as you can see, the actual “forums” body use only about 60% of the screen width. I would like it to be about 80-90% (either 5-10% left and right margins). I have already put in a CSS change for the page header using code below. Is this the correct way to do it??
#header .top-header.blog {
padding: 10px;
#header .bottom-header.blog {
padding: 10px 0;

Please let me know if you need any additional information

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hm, before adding this css in appearance - customize - additional CSS

@media (min-width: 768px){
body.forum-archive.bbpress .col-sm-offset-2 {
margin-left: 0px;
body.forum-archive.bbpress .col-sm-8 {
width: 100%;

Please check one thing, that page is created with page builder element right? i think you have modified row so that it shows only 66% and offset on the left side, please make sure you are using full width of the row without offset,

Colorlib Support Team

Dear Colorlib Support Team,

Good evening! I would like to ask how to add customize css if i want to adjust the width on the blog page?
Thanks in advance. (please see photo below)

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You already have ticket opened on this question, please don’t duplicate questions