I really like your theme, and thanks for your help!

I’m using a 2000x1250px image for my Jumbotron, and it looks great on my desktop and tablet. I added this custom code to get it centered just right on the tablet:

#header {
background-position: center;

I’m having trouble with on my mobile/smart phone site, though. The jumbotron is surrounded by extra white space on the top and bottom. I’ve attached some pictures.

Is there a way I can fix the appearance of the mobile site while still keeping everything centered?

Thank you!

Here’s the first picture showing the whitespace before the jumbotron on the mobile site.


You got this behaviour because more probably you used css background-size: contain and background-repeat: no-repeat, so you used the center position for a picture that’s streching on the full width in a higher container.

Please provide me the website link and I’ll see what I can do about it.



I actually already found a solution. Thank you for your offer to help anyways!


That’s great news, maybe you’d want to share the solution with us to see what worked best in your particular case.

Best regards