Jump links on front page

How do I create jump links to different sections on my front page?
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In order to create an anchor link menu, go to Appearance > Menu > Custom Links and for the link you would add the section id which you can find by inspecting the element or section you want to use, it looks like this “#shapely_home_parallax-3”. Once you have that, simply add the newly created menu item to the menu.

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I’m wondering the same thing. The above reply isn’t exactly helpful though? Where do I find the section id’s (“#shapely_home_parallax-3”)? Is there a full list of them?

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There isn’t a list , you would have to inspect the page element to find the section id, so you would right click an element on the page and the section id would be displayed in the CSS code

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Hi this answer is quite helpful. I have one further question, is it possible to give a friendlier name to the anchor ID? Meaning is it possible to change the div ID from #shapely_home_parallax-3 to ‘#testimonials’, that way the URL would look much better. Please let me know.

I am planning a different solution to tackle the anchor links. Will add empty DIVs with friendly IDs just before parallax widgets (using html widget), that way I don’t touch theme core code.

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Well, sorry but it’s not that easy to change the ID’s of the sections, this will affect many things in the template, better to not touch it :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response. And you are right it’s best not to change core code.

I found an alternate solution. I have inserted HTML widget right before the parallax widget with an empty DIV with ID that I want and that becomes the anchor for the URL. This is working well.

There is two method of creating jump links:
1st : You should install plugin name Table of Content
then simply goto setting of plugin and select after h2 heading and bottom. And done jump links of you main heading will be created.

2nd is manual work :
Step 1: Choose Your Link’s Text and Assign It an Anchor Name
Step 2: Add Your Anchor Name to the Relevant Section of Your Page or Post
Next, you’ll need to indicate which section of your page or post your anchor link should lead to. Navigate to that section, and access the HTML editor by selecting More Options > Edit as HTML:
Then, add the ID you created earlier to the content’s initial tag. If you’re linking to a specific paragraph, for example, you would include the ID in its starting

tag, like this:


It’s important that the ID you add here exactly matches the ID you used for your link. As long as that’s the case, readers will be jumped to the section you chose when they click on the anchor link.

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