Just percentages and the counter issues NOT yet solved after WP 4.9.1 update

Dear developers of this beautiful theme, hi and congrats for that!

I’d have two help requests that I can’t fix even after the last WP 4.9.1 update:

  1. the percentages are not centered as you can see into the video
  2. the counter with three numbers and yellow background are totally blank if you’re a simple user (NOT log-in).

I’ve prepared a video in order for you to better understand these two issues that are not yet solved.

Please use the pause button if necessary, thanks

The video show like the percentage are not centered and like the counter appears (log-in mode) and when it does NOT appear (log-out mode, blank element).

Thank you for any help
Kind regards

Hey there,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Can you send the URL to your website so we can have a look at the issue?
I tried https://excellenceclass.it/ but it doesn’t work.

Also, can you verify that all themes and plugin are up to date?

Best regards,

Hi, it is Anteprima - Business Excellence Class but please do not publish this URL, thanks
Thanks very much

Hello there,

Thanks for that information.

Please try clearing your WordPress cache with the following plugin:

You can use the following CSS code to center the percentages by going to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and pasting it there.

#about .skill .skill-top .skill-progress-bar .ui-progressbar-value .ui-progressbar-value-top { content: ""; text-align: center; }

Best Regards,

Hi, thanks SO mpercentages fixed with that CSS, :slight_smile:

But after cancel all the cache with WP Supercache the counter issue remains.

May I send you my WP credentials privately in order for you to better check what happen?


sorry for the typing, I mean, thanks SO much about the percentages centering that is now fixed with that CSS, ?

But after I cancelled all the cache with WP Supercache the counter issue remains, it’s still blank…

May I send you my WP credentials privately in order for you to better check what happen?

Thanks again
Best regards


There’s no need, I found the issue.

For some strange reason, the colors of the counter are set to white.
Check the counter settings to see if they are set to white.

If not you can use the following CSS to change the color

/counter color/
#counter .counter-number {
color: #ea8b68;
#counter .col-sm-4 {
border-right: 1px solid #ea8b68;
Best Regards,

Hi again dear amazing devs! Solved without new CSS, thanks SO much!
So, may I ask you if all your themes have the pre built demo content uploading feature?

I think that is the fast way to build a super website and then customize the images after the demo is installed! Also a child can build great websites in this way! :slight_smile:

Thanks again, I appreciated very very much your help.

Have a Merry Christmas you and your families!
Kind regards

P.S.: I count to contact you again the next months for help about new themes with preloaded demo content and for local small businesses and proximity e-commerce…