kali form in illdy

as recommended, I installed Kali forms in my illdy child theme and forms work fine on all pages except the home page. In the “contact us” section I can select a form but it does not display in the section. If I switch to the native illdy theme the form does show up but I loose it when I revert back to my child theme.

could you let me know what I need to tweak in my child theme for this work?

many thanks


Hello Jacek

Let me check it, please provide access details privately and i will check your problem

here is my website address: leanvision.pl

let me know if you need log in infomation

many thanks


Hey there

This is what i see last 10-15 minute:

The server encountered an unexpected condition that prevented it from fulfilling the request.

you mean the webpage leanvision.pl is not coming up? I just checked and it’s working on my side.


I can clearly see contact form on the website, there is no problem
can you tell me why you use a child theme? if you don’t have any modification in the function then you can use the parent theme

hi Noda–

the contact form currently displayed on the website is made using Contact Form 7. if I switch to recommended Kali forms, it stops working on the home page. Kali forms work on other pages when embedded using short codes.

if would be great to get Kali to work due to recent spam email attacks. i am using a child theme because I have made a lot of modifications to the jumbotron and the footer.

many thanks in advance