Kali forms, contact form not showing up

I’m in Customizing - Front Page Sections - Contact Us Section, I’ve installed and activated Kaliforms, it is not showing up in the drop down menu to use to create my contact us form. Attached screenshot showing that it is telling me to install kaliforms but I already did. It’s not showing up to use. It is only showing some other contact form to use.

The contact for that is being used has a weird yellow button that I don’t know how to change.


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I can confirm the selection of the form has problems but its normally displayed on the frontend, do you have any problem with he form functionality?

Functionally it works fine. I’m not sure how to customize it, for instance adjusting what email address the contacts go to when they fill out the form (I may have to adjust that), also, the color of the button. I’ve tried to dig around to see where it gets it’s color from but have not found it yet.

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This stuff can be configured in the backend of the Kali form, open your form and you will be able to see all the options, also, please follow their documentation,

Hi! I´m new here and I´m wondering how is the process to use the templates.
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don’t worry, I can show you :slight_smile: please send me your access credentials along with your website URL and I will provide steps

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Not sure if you are talking to Cesar with your replay #266815… I am facing another challenge with the contact form. I was able to edit the look of the form, rounded corner… but now there are two buttons (still a weird color), “Send message” and “Submit Query”. I’d like only the “Send message” button. I’d really like to make it a different color. :slight_smile: Any help is appreciated.

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I ´m the person who needs your help with your template.
You asked me for access credentials but I don´t know what they are neither were to find them.

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I have not received your help and I do need it.
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  1. Lorian, - how did you changed buttons to yellow and red? you can style it from the plugin, also, you can use this css code:

.kaliforms-form-container input#submit:hover {
background: white;
color: black;

.kaliforms-form-container input#submit {
background: green;
color: red;

  1. Cesar, please start a new thread, don’t post your admin details here