Language Contribution + New Language settings only working when logged in


I used this guide to translate from english to my local language Swedish How to translate a WordPress theme including Shapely & Illdy - Colorlib

Since you guys tend to contribute so freely to my business I ended up translating the whole thing.
Please View attached translation file.

However though! My language settings only works when I am logged in as a user to my site. The main reason I wanted to translate this was because of the blog buttons and links being in english, read more, comments etc.

Tried searching the forum but did not find anything there. Is this a common issue? Do you guys know why this occurs?

Please view attached screenshots.

Kind Regards

The webpage in question is

I made a user so you guys could test it out:
User: illdy
Psw: 5W8%)#JximfHqjv^12LrYmN4