Language files


I cannot find the languages folder in the template directory.
I need the .po to translate in french, please. How can I get this ?



I have the same problem, I use this theme and i love it, is fit perfect to my ideea and i am so far but i want also to translate it and to use a multilanguage webseite. I cannot finde the .pot file (wich have to cotains all the text from the theme).

I have read the tutorial how to translate the theme but it is not hellping me if i don´t have a .pot file.

I choose this theme because it´s says that it is translation ready.

I hope someone can hellp me :slight_smile:


Hi Jonovan,

our development team has been notified about this and we’ll add the PO/MO files in our next theme update (should be version 1.0.8)

Colorlib Support.

Thank you

Hello Bobby,

Please upgrade the theme to meet the latest files, we added the .pot files in v1.0.8:

Have a great week!