Language switcher widget in header area for Travelify theme

Hi all,

This is my site:

My problem is:
As u can see Transpoosh widget is now in the upper left corner of page. I would want it to be in the section where the logo is.
I have put the code for the widget in the header.php file between the <head> tag. Is this correct?
Now as i understand i have to write some css code which will reside in style.css. I’m completely lost here. I have been trying different options moving this widget around.
I have wasted so much time with this :(. I come from database world, and u are my last resort. Any help is appreciated.

This theme uses a different template setup, so you have to add your code inside header-extensions.php that you can find in travelify folder >> library >> structure. If you add code inside header.php it is possible to make language switched only above (like in your case) or below header area but not right in it.

Another option is to get this done via Child Theme and here is an example with search bar but with some tweaking you can make it work with your widget as well.