Language switcher

Hi Aigars,
I’m working with the WPML plugin. So far your theme works perfect with this!
At the moment the language switcher is sitting in a widget box on the right side of the theme. Is it possible to put the language switcher into the upper right corner of the header picture?
I do have the code <?php do_action(‘icl_language_selector’); ?> which I tried inserting into the header.php (of a child theme) in different places, but the switcher always ends up either above or below the header. Which would be the correct line to insert it?

You should add your code inside header-extensions.php file which you can find in theme folder - library structure.

For example here is thread where I explained how to add custom text right below social media icons. You can use it as example to add WPML language switcher somewhere around the same place.

Hi Aigars,
thanks for your reply! Problem is that I removed the bar with the social icons, so I’m not sure where to put the code. I tried around a bit, but it doesn’t show at all.
This is my website:, if this is of any help.

Hi Aigars,
I managed to get the language switcher into the upper left corner. Is there something I have to change in the CSS so it will be in the right corner? How can I get the language switcher to be in the picture? At the moment there is a white bar above it.

All right, I even changed the the position to the right :slight_smile:
But I really don’t know how to get it into the image.
In case this is not possible where can I at least change the color of that bar?