Last Firefox 57 bug etc...

I’m using the last wordpress version but I’ve noted the forefox bug already on Wordpress 4.8.3.

Now I’m using WP 4.9 and the last Firefox (57) and by using Firefox it continues to not display this counter anymore (Chrome screenshot show it properly, Firefox not).
Could you please help me fix it,
the comics percenttage (image in the bottom) are not still centered on both the browsers (screenshot).

Thanks SO much for any help
Kind regards

Hey there,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

Can you kindly provide a link to your website, for reference?
I’m unable to replicate the issue on 57 Firefox.

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Hi, thanks SO much for replying,
now it is working on Firefox 57 Quantum, but I see WHITE on my Samsung S4 mini with Android, why?

I mean, where you see “blank” on the previous screenshot (about Forefox) I now see that blank on that exact position on my Android smartphone, sorry very much but I can link the site url publicly here.
Thanks for any help
Kind regards

Hi again,
just after some test, I’m not a developer, I’ve noted that on both browsers the yellow counter disappears by showing a blank space. This bug happen when I’m not logged-in as admin. If I am logged-in as admin the counter works properly, if I log me out then the space is totally blank.

The issue happen also with any Android smartphone where you’re not logged-in as WP admin, so any user, or the most part of the users can’t see the counter but a blank space.

Is it possible that the problem is related to the positioning of this widget with custom html ? (pls look at the screenshot)

Thanks for any help
Kind regars

I’ve removed that custom HTML from the widget you see in the above screenshot, now the full width widget is clean but the counters still do not appear when I surf like a normal non-admin user.

I also checked by my smartphone and please look that is blank too (smartphone screenshot that shows you better)
Thanks SO much for ANY help