latest news doubled up

Hi, I am using the illdy theme and for some reason the “latest news” shows twice on the front page. I can’t seem to get rid of it. Either it doesn’t show at all or twice. Also, I disabled the widget in the about section (the one that shows %'s) but it still shows. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thank you so much!

Hello Dr. Cutlip,

I’m pretty sure the issue is in Dashboard > Appearances > Customize > General Options > Sections Order where you have 2 news sections selected.

Please remove one and give it another try, it should do the trick.

Kind regards

Thank you! I have a question though, if I wanted to show another “latest news” section but with different content (like one blog and one news for example) how can I customize where the “latest news” is pulled from?


Unfortunately, this kind of customisation is not possible in the current layout.

If, for example, you are not using one of the dedicated sections, you can switch that one to get new widgets and make it appear like an extra news section.

Otherwise, this would require core files modifications as the theme is missing the methods to create new custom homepage sections on top of the default ones.

If you are in great need to achieve something that is not in the theme, you can add me on Skype (Ion Rutz) for more details about it and maybe a premium dedicated support price quote.

Kindest regards