Latest update effecting wp bakery page builder

Hi, I’ve updated to the latest version of the theme and it’s effecting wpbakery page builder, none of the clickable tabs are working
This has happened in the past and a further theme update seemed to resolve it, but the issue is happening again.
I’ve deactivated all other plugins to check for anything else conflicting and the issue is still there.

Here’s a link to the site so you can see what I mean
I’m clicking on the tabs ‘Explore the area’, ‘Park information’

Hope you can help

Hey there

Sorry about that, which tabs are not working? can you please share the screenshot of the issue? or video record?

Hi, here’s a screenshot

It seems to be OK on firefox, but not on chrome


I see the tabs but what is the problem? right now when I click them in both browsers, in firefox and in chrome im navigated to the bottom, is this your problem not opening the tabs?

Hi, yes the tabs should open to toggle between content
I haven’t updated the theme on the live site, so you can have a look and see how it’s meant to be working

Hi, have you managed to have a further look into this?

Hey there

Sorry about that, I tried many things but is still not working, I would recommend contacting plugin author in this case, they can provide better support since the problem is directly related to their product

Hi, I contacted them already and they said it’s a theme compatibility issue and to contact you :-/

Hi, I have got a developer involved to fix this. Thanks for your help looking into it

Nice to hear you found a solution

Have a great weekend @macpheek