LearnDash plugin works with Sparkling?

Hi, I understand that LearnDash works with any modern theme but since the layout I have ig of a blog. I was wondering it the theme can be shown as a site instead of a blog. I remember that I did it with another theme I had but not sure I can do it with Sparkling. Thanks!

Hi @elprofe,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

I am not sure what you meant by “theme can be shown as a site instead of a blog” but if you want to display static page as home page instead of blog then you can do so from your site Reading Settings by setting Front page displays to Static page.

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Hi, thanks for the replay. I only want one page of my blog as a static page. Not all of it. Is that possible? Thaks.

Yes it’s possible

Could you please tell me how? I´ll really need some help. Thanks, Mavin.

Just create a page and do not assign any template to it so that it will become static page and you can add whatever content you want to in its content section.