Left and right side banner

Hi, I have a couple of questions for You… On my Dazzling theme I need to set two banners, one from left sie one form right side, banners are 300x100 or 500x120 and must stay like on sketch…I would like to banners stay like fixed widgets and move with scrolling… Where I can put new divs and inserts imgs or something like this or some plugin…Sorry for my bad English…Thans!


You can either use some banner management plugin that offers this kind of functionality or implement this JavaScript library that helps to make any element always visible. This simple jQuery plugin will help to stick any element while scrolling but for this you will have to get your hands dirty and write your own code to make it work. If you have no idea about coding you can always hire someone from oDesk or Freelancer.com.

The easiest method would be to try to find a free WordPress plugin for that. I am not aware of any as I would use this jQuery library that I mentioned above but I believe that there should be a plugin based on that exact code.

Ok, Can You attach this jQuery plugin or Java Script libary…I dont see…

You have to install/enqueue this jQuery plugin just like I have done with other scripts for this theme. You can see how it is done here.

Since you have to ask this question I don’t think you are ready for this job and you will break more things than you are trying to fix. Make sure to backup your website before you proceed.