Left justify text in About section and add manual line breaks

Hi. Is there a way to:

  1. left justify the text in the ABOUT section?
  2. add manual line breaks in the text of the about section (or any other section)?

I’ve tried using the <br> tag and the <p></p> tag pair, but the little editor removes them.

I am using Illdy at www.highvaluetraining.com


I would also like to left justify (let align) the text in the "full width section’ - thanks.

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Sorry, but where is the about section? :slight_smile: i can’t see it on the homepage

  1. if you want to use them in the title then this is not possible, only one line of text is allowed in the title, without brakes

Thanks for your response. I have attached a screenshot with notes on it to illustrate what I would like to do.

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To add a break, you can use the enter key to do so.

You can use this code to left align the text:

.front-page-section .section-header .section-description ul, #header .bottom-header .section-description ul, #header .bottom-header .section-description ol, .front-page-section .section-header .section-description ol {
    text-align: left;

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Awesome! Perhaps the fastest support reply ever!
The left-align code worked perfectly. Thank you so much.
However, when I use the “enter” key to add line breaks, they show up in the customizer. But they do not show up on the front page. I have attached a screenshot with notes so you can see what I am talking about.

hello John

this is not fully enabled tet editor so, you may not have everything available to use, try <br> or <hr> tags
and if even this not worked try this, then we can add spacer element,

      <spacer type="horizontal" size="10"></spacer>

natievely it should work, but if no, then add this css in appearance > customize:

spacer {
marging:10px 0px