Licence CC BY 3.0


I have a query, I have created my bootstrap website, i want to use some of the part of css in one of the template, as the licence is CC BY 3.0 , I understand that i need to give credits to you, as I m only using the css part, would it be sufficient to mention credits in the CSS section only as a part of CSS Comment only

Hi there

Well, by default CC BY3.0 means you need to credit the provider, no matter which part or amount of code you use


I do not deny credits, I can surely add it in Thank You section with the link to colorlib, would it be sufficient as I m already thanking few others like bootstrap, Unsplash on my home page Thank you section.


If you add them then its ok :slight_smile:

Thanks for the confirmation

Thank you too and have a nice day :slight_smile: