License is confusing

Hi, I was just wondering what qualifies as a “free template”. Lets take Eiser here for example Eiser - Free Men's Fashion Website Template 2021 - Colorlib
The page title and the description imply that this is a free template yet when you scroll down there are payment options. You can download the template for free from Themewagon, which again makes me assume that its free.

So, my question: am I allowed to resell it and use it in a CMS?

Also, not sure what the difference between “free template” and “free version” is, on the license page.

Hi there

Sorry about misunderstood, this “free” word left here after we implemented the new subscription plan, its paid template, text needs to be changed.
“am I allowed to resell it and use it in a CMS?” - No, you cant resell our templates, it can be used only for the projects.
No, its an HTML template and can not be used in the CMS like WordPress or any other

““free template” and “free version”” no difference