License problem with my account (Lifetime user)

Hi Colorlib.

I am sorry to bring these matters up here, but you do not reply to the e-mail.

I will start with the fact that I bought a lifetime license for templates from your website, still at the old price, I did it some time ago.
In November / December 2020 (*edited date) you changed the prices. Nevertheless, I was informed that my license under the terms of its purchase remains for life. Currently, I do not have access to download the template. Can you check my case?

I sent bills, invoices etc. to you by e-mail.
The e-mail is the same as the account from which I wrote to you here.


Hey there

Im sorry but I can’t help with the Account related problems, please use the contact page and form for that problem


I wrote to you about it, so far you haven’t replied, so I created this thread on your site. could you give someone information about my case to contact me?


Sorry, but I can’t handle account related issues, you need to use the contact us page for that


facing same problem have you found any relevant solution or not?

no, we haven’t written me an e-mail for over 1 month.
i write on support, stop ignore me.

Hi there

I’m sorry guys, there is nothing I can do for you here, sorry for inconvenience :frowning: