License Question

I bought a single template license yesterday and I received a mail, saying that my order is being processed. It hasn’t been confirmed yet. Can I upload my website with the footer information removed or I need to wait for confirmation first? How long does this usually take for the confirmation?

Hi there

Websites are absolutely same, you have to remove footer credits (If you can’t do this i can help you with this part) purchasing license means you have now rights to remove credits from the theme, files are same
If you cant remove credits post your website url here and I will help you

Thank you for replying. My question is if I can remove the footer and upload the site before I get the confirmation email of my payment. I have paid via paypal but my payment is still being processed by colorlib (I received the order email) - I have not received a confirmation email with a license. It’s been 1 day and the confirmation hasn’t arrived yet. So, can I upload I?

Hi Nick

You are ready to go, no need to wait for confirmation, upload your website and I will help you to remove footer credits, as I said before templates are same before and after license, so, you just need to upload your website on your server