Licensing Question : possible to link the licence to a credit page ?


I love your web template. I would like to use some oh them inside my website, but I have a question :
With the free licence, is it possible to keep the term of the licence, but to change the link, in order to go to a credit page dedicated to Colorlib (Colorlib-licence.php), with the link ?

Example :

I keep this :
This template is made with by Colorlib on all pages
The link is going to my Colorlib Licence page, with a direct link to your website.

Best regard !

Hi there

Yes, that’s possible, there is no problem in this, just keep link to our site, if you change it from the license to the main page it’s ok

Thank you !

Yes, of course, the link to colorlib will be on the main Credit page.
On all free pages, I will make the link to the credit page.

Best regards.

Hi There,

You are most welcome.

Feel free to let me know in case something else comes up :slight_smile: