Limit Topics in slider

I have about 13 posts on my blog: now and I love the slider, but I would prefer it to only show the latest 3-4 topics and not all 13. Especially considering that there will be more posts.
Can I limit the number of topics shown in the slider somehow?

Hi @julaya,

I hope you are well today and thank you for your question.

In the latest version of theme we have removed the slider posts restriction so it displays all the slider posts having slider category.

You can control which posts to display in the slider by adding or removing slider category from the posts.

If you still want it as the older way then you can try achieving this using the child theme shared in the following topic.

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Hi Movin,
thank you for the link! I installed the Child Theme and there is not change in the number of slides … Do you have any other idea?

It seems you have just installed the child theme on your site but not activated it therefore it is not working on your site.