link associated with site-title: https/http problem

In my Shapely site a few pages associated with a membership plugin must be served as https in order to preserve security and avoid address-bar warnings. As for the other pages, I don’t care. In principle, I could serve the whole site as https, but I don’t because that causes a mixed-content warning in Firefox on the front page (the widgeted page). I’m not sure why, but it’s no big deal, as I can set links for those few membership pages so that they are served https and the rest as http. That works fine, and all the links in the top nav bar work well (all http but for those connected with membership) except for one little detail that is bugging me.

On the far left of the nav bar is the site title, which the theme links to the front page. The problem is that link behaves dynamically: it serves the front page as http or https depending on the status of the last page served. So if the user looks at a membership page and then returns to the front page by clicking the site title, it serves the front page as https (provoking an obvious mixed-content warning in Firefox). Note this does not happen if the user returns to the front page by clicking HOME on the nav bar (that serves as http in all cases, as per the menu link).

People can get nervous when they see this mixed-content warning, so I’d like to resolve this problem if I could, either by making the site-title link static as http or by making the site-title completely unlinked. I can’t see how to do either.

Help much appreciated. (Great theme, by the way.)


Hello John,

I hope you are doing well today.

Could you please provide a link to your website so that I can inspect it?

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Thanks for your prompt response. The website link is

When you click on it that link the front page will be served as http. To request an https page use the nav bar top menu to click on CONTACT US>LOG IN/OUT, for example. Then returning to the front page by clicking HOME serves http, but if instead you return from the LOG IN/OUT page to the front page by clicking the site title (DRAW) it serves https. You can reset this behaviour by clicking on any nav bar link to a non-front-page item.


hi John

You have to deal with the mixed content loading problem, having a site where some part of it is loading from HTTP and some of them from https is worst experience for your customers and for you, so, go ahead and just mixed content warning problem once and forever,
there is a bunch of way on how your problem can be fixed, check your question in the internet and use best practice and best way for your case