Link back

You’ve created a fantastic theme for free that allows amateurs to look professional. I for one am sincerely thankful. Now, I’m a poor broke college student and I’m making a website that is going to be free forever. Can I make a deal with you? The moment I start making real money in life, I’ll donate, but until then I will have to ask for an IOU as I remove the linkback. What would you say this theme is worth if it was commercial?

It would be great if you could setup an IOU system because I feel guilty as hell removing the linkback without compensation, but at the same time I want to make a professional looking website and I have no money.

Thank you for your honesty!

You can remove link from footer but add it in about page or other page mentioning that website was designed/developer by Colorlib, not that it is a free WordPress theme. This won’t look unprofessional and will get the job done as well.