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Hi! Im using Shapely theme and weglot translate plugin. Default language in my site is Finnish and other language english. For some reason, when i change the language to english, the link for the current page comes visible in menu.

I did ask first help from Weglot team and they answered me this: “Actually, the display’s issue is due to some errors in your source code: some of your HTML tags are not correctly closed. Note that in original version, the browser can override that. But in translated version, Weglot can’t manage these errors and that is causing the display’s issue.”

My site can be found in

Can you please help me with this problem?


Hey there

@santtumarika hope you are having a good day

Yes, i see your problem, it’s on the menu, one of the menu element is broken,
WOuld you mind to provide your admin details to investigate this case? please post your admin details here and dont forget to use set as private reply under reply box

regards Noda

Thank you for your help. Here is password and username for login:

user: colorlib
password: !FuVaJ3(25M%4u7LwmK9z&vX

Login page can be found in:

  • Jaana

Hey there

uups, you have 34 active plugins? :slight_smile: this is not soo good for your website and my recommendation is to decrease this amount,
Now regarding our problem, we must exclude plugins first, please deactivate all your plugins but leave only language plugin and check again, let me know results so that we can continue troubleshooting, to be honest i dont think this is theme issue, also, its good idea to activate one of default wordpress theme and check if you have the same problem on default wordpress theme, please do this as well and let me know results

regards Noda