Linking menu items and changing heart image

I am enjoying using your Unite theme, thank you for your excellent work!

I wondering if you could please help with two items:

Firstly, I am having troubles trying to link the parent item, the sub items link are working correctly but for some reason the primary link is not able to be if there are sub items underneath them.

Secondly, could you please let me know how I can replace the heart image? I would like to replace it with the fa-circle-thin (please see

Many thanks for your help.

  1. It is expected behavior and there is no easy solution for that. We use ready-made Bootstrap nav walker for this theme and unless you are php developer you will have to stick with this approach.

  2. To change heart icon to circle you can use this code in Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS

hr.section-divider:after {
    content: "\f10c";

Dear Aigars

Thank you very much for your quick response!

  1. I understand a little bit of PHP, is there a link to another website I could follow to adjust it so that the parent item does link to the page?

  2. With your answer about changing the heart icon, if in the future, I wish to use another icon is there an easy way to identify which one to change it to myself?

Thanks again for your help.

  1. You can look for solution on Github where this script is hosted. In theme you can find it in inc folder

2.Each icon has its own unicode that you can find on their website. Look for “f1cc” here:

You need to format it like this content: "\f1cc"; by adding quotes and slash.