Linking to Pages instead of Posts via Slider

First post here, after getting used to the config files etc for Dazzling, and all works pretty good. However, is there a way to have the Slider select a category from Pages instead of Posts for the Slider, and so the links within the Slider also go to the right pages instead of posts?

In the Slider setup is says “Select a category for the featured post slider”, so is there a way of amending / adjusting this so that Pages and page categories can be selected, with a header from that page, and a custom sub header (so like a ‘comment’ strapline for that page link)

our site:

Try the ‘Rack Extensions’ menu (5 page links), while the homepage slider goes to alternative posts instead

There are no Categories for Pages, so it needs completely different approach therefore the entire soldier needs to be created from scratch.

A simple solution is to use plugin such as this one that will help you to point any post directy to your pages. Which means that your posts will be visible on slider but they won’t be accessible for users and they will be directed directly to your pages.