Links don't stay + link in buttons


I cannot make the links stay in the URL field of your project widgets (see image attached). I type it in, but it disappears after saving and publishing.

Also: how do I make the button in the “Latest News” section work? It goes to the top of the page rather than to the blog.


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Please use the following plugin to clear your WordPress cache:

As it goes for the blog button, please go to Settings > Reading and ensure that the blog page is assigned.

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Thank you for your answer!
I sorted the button thing, but as for the links not sticking, even after flushing all the cache I cannot make the links to stay in the field showed in my screenshot…
(And clicking on the image just shows me an enlarged version of that image)
Any other tip? Please mind I’m not an expert! :slight_smile:

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Guillermo Brachetta

Hello there,

The URL may not be saving because of plugin conflict.
Please deactivate any third party plugins that you have active then try saving the URL again.

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I tried that, the only plugins I have currently active are Contact Form 7, Illdy Companion and Kiwi Social Share.
What can be wrong?

All the best!

Are there any further tips to fix this problem with the disappearing URL in the Illdy Project widget? :slight_smile: